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[Dec.26.05]     Photo courtesy of Yeke Yeke.com
Yeke Yeke

Q & A: Female Boxer, actress, singer and designer, Yeke Yeke
By Ike Enwereuzor

Ike: What was your parents reactions when you first started Boxing?
Yeke: I started boxing at the age of 6 years old. I love my father and he's my hart. My father likes boxing so, he told me if I like it just go ahead and do it because I had so much energy.

Ike: How many amateur fight do you have?
Yeke: I had few amateur fights but I really want to promote my
singing-boxing production. The reason is because I would like entertain Boxing fans before a Mega Boxing match. So, I want to work with some promoters on this, so I could be opening for boxers. I sing the USA, UK and other National anterms. My production is very exciting.

Ike: What do you remember about your first fight?
Yeke: My first fight was really good and successful. I would like do my production because I love the
game, but there's not much money for females. My show or productions lifts high level the boxing
night or any sport nights.

Ike: What was it like to be trained by Laszlo Papp?
Yeke: Laszlo Papp was the greatest. I love him so much, he was like my second father.
I'll never forget him, he'll always stay in my heart. He trained by :"Minket nem lehet Legyözni""We can't be defeated" "Invincible Hungarian"

Ike: You wish to keep Laszlo Papp memory, why is it so important to you?
Yeke: Papp was my first coach and I was the first female who was trained by him at this time. Laszlo Papp was a great person. I am very proud of him what he done and achieved, he won Gold medal 3 times in Olympics.
I would like to keep his memory alive with my singing boxing because he was good example person. If he did not teach me maybe I wouldn't have boxed.

Ike: What made you pick interest in the Fashion designing?
Yeke: I started designing since I was 6 years old. I love nice clothing and unique dress.
I was designing women, men clothing, boxing amater and professional ,kick-boxing and many-many kind of fighting wears. You can find more info at:

Ike: What was your experience in USA like, when you visited?
Yeke: I loved USA, it's beautiful and I made a lot of friends over there. I may want visit again and I would like my productions to be successful in USA. I do opening performance at major sport or boxing events. I miss gyms, traniers , boxing friends and many other friends. We always have a good time at the professional boxing nights and the shows.

Ike: Your thoughts of Floyd Mayweather jr?
Yeke: He is good technical boxer ,technique is very unique.

Ike: Your favorite boxers today and why?
Yeke: I love every boxer who likes me, I'm just doing my singing-boxing production.

Ike: Tell us about your singing Boxing Production?
Yeke: I am singing and boxing at the same time. I am singing the boxing story that you will win the belt and will the champion like Papp did so I'll display shadowboxing.
The performers enters the ring and the female boxer the singing-boxer is dressed to the situation:
Equipped with headset mc so I can easily box and move around. The Singing-Boxing show can either be performed as a solo act or it can use boxers who perform around the singer in a choreographed fight arrangement. Boxing around the singer using an agreed choreography, straight right,straight left and right hook long. Left hook long ,right or left uppercut and a combination of these
moves 2-3-4-5. After the performance,they acknowledge the audience. Like I said Singing-boxing or Boxing-Singing can be performed as a solo or with the participation of the boxers.
The background is recorded. The singing is live! The boxing is live!
Singing-boxing is copyrighted!
More Info. visit
http://www.yekeyeke.com/ Las Vegas tv 35
I am able to entertain the Professional boxing night or any sport shows, films in USA or round the world!!!! I am looking for for publishers or Sponsors who sees the potential of any of our talents in USA or round the world too. In Hungarian language:Keresem azt a promotert, szponzort ,producert
Amerikában és világ -szerte aki lát perspektivát és tudja használni az Énekes-Box produkciomat vagy bár melyik produkciomat:Profi boxhoz,küzdő sportokhoz,sportokhoz, showhoz,filmekhez,rendezvényekhez(dij kiosztó gálákhoz)stb...

Ike: So, you're looking for sponsors because you wanted to represent Hungary in Olympics 2008. Is that still in your agenda or you're focusing on your performing Singing-Boxing?
Ike: I would like represent that contry who will give me more support, so the answer is yes I am still looking for sponsors for this. I would like going to the Olympics Game 2008 and I would like sell my production Singing-Boxing to the open and close ceremony. I would like represent that country And I would like sing that country national Anthem exemple:USA or Hungary.

Ike: What's your impression of Laila Ali?
Yeke: I trained with Laila at the Top Rank gym in Las Vegas. I like her style and I think she is a nice person.

Ike: What did you think of the Jermine Taylor vs Bernard Hopkins 2?
Yeke: I like both and they are very good boxers."Old lion or new blood that come out on top "

Ike: What do you want to tell your fans around the world?
Thank you all very much in USA and around the world. For more info visit
WBC Continental Americas super lightweight champion Donald Camarena to defend against Undefeated Paul Malignaggi on ESPN February 10

December 26, 2005 - Reigning champion Donald Camarena (16-1) has signed his contract to meet former WBC International champion Paul Malignaggi (20-0). The fight staged to be held at the Foxwoods Resorts and Casino in Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, Connecticut and aired live on ESPN. Show promoted by DiBella Entertainment.
Camarena has actively been seeking the tough fights but when all seemed to be going well the opponents backed out. Alex Velardez agreed to fight, then was pulled out by his manager Brad Goodman of Top Rank, Mike Arnaoutis backed out – Twice, and Herman Ngoudjo recently had a change of heart.
“We don’t anticipate anything going wrong with this fight, Paul is a warrior and a soldier both fighters share the same goal and that is to be a true world champion.” said Camarena’s trainer and manager Aurelio Martinez
Larsen, Jorgensen

Norwegian heavy Leif Dolonen Larsen, a former NFL player, and his compatriot, jr welter Geir Inge Jorgensen fights January 13 in Torrevieja (Spain) along with Spaniard Emilio Casal and Brit Michael Grant. Jorgensen takes on Spaniard Antonio Postigo while opponent for Dolonen is still being looked for.
Former WBC heavy champ Vitaly Klitschko have been named honorary President of something called the Ukrainian Federation of Boxing.
Dutch cruiser Don Diego Poeder lost an upset decision to Belgian Ismail Abdoul for the vacant BeNeLux title December 25 in Izegem.
Team Palle have signed up 22-year old feather Ervis Masha, a two-time Danish amateur champ. Masha makes his debut on the Kessler vs Lucas show January 14 in Copenhagen.
Retired heavy Axel Schulz, who at one time almost beat George Foreman, is according to German media thinking about coming back and fight Wladimir Klitschko. The now 37-year old Schulz was stopped by Wladimir in eight one-sided rounds back in 99 and announced his retirement at the press conference that followed the fight.
LA-based Swedish jr middle Peter Nylund, 3-1-1, have his next fight set for January 28 in Utah.
Laila Ali might fight in Germany again and Swedish media have already began banging the drum for a rematch with Aasa Sandell but it appears to be more likely that Ali get a more established opponent.

Perake Persson
BILLY SOOSE ; The Champion Time Forgot

Authors : Rusty Rubin and Tom Donelson

Who is Billy Soose ? A lot of people may ask this question. Especially
today's younger fans who probably had no idea.Two of the best writers in the business, Rusty Rubin and Tom Donelson co-authored a book that should enlighten the boxing fan as to how good Billy Soose really was.

I had heard of Billy Soose. He was one of the many middleweight claimants
during that era along with Fred Apostoli, Ceferino Garcia, Marcel Thil, Ben
Jeby, Lou Broulillard, Vince Dundee, Teddy Yarosz, Eddie Risko, Al Hostak,
Solly Krieger, Ken Overlin, Freddie Steele and Gorilla Jones. I always felt
that the tall, hard hitting Freddie Steele was the best of this bunch. This
book made me re-think that position.

This book will show why Billy Soose was such a unique boxer. He is
considered the best collegiate boxer of all time. As his professional career
reached its zenith he beat two reigning middleweight champions, Ken Overlin
and Tony Zale in non-title matches. He would eventually meet Overlin again
and win a portion of the title. A rematch with Tony Zale never materialized.

There is a campaign to get Billy Soose inducted into the International
Boxing Hall Of Fame. This well written book makes a strong case for
Mr.Soose. I know a lot more about his amazing career since reading this
book. I highly recommend it. It is one of those books that when you pick it
up, it is hard to put it down.

Jim Amato
Juan Carlos Gomez Tests NEGATIVE

Cuban Heavyweight Contender Passes Independent Analysis

December 28, 2005 – Former W.B.C. Cruiserweight Champion Juan Carlos Gomez received the results of an independent drug test today. On December 22nd, 2005, in a Burbank, California medical clinic, the thirty-two year old Gomez took the independent drug test. The test’s results showed no cocaine traces in the system of Gomez.
Juan Carlos took matters into his own hands and scheduled the test when a December 16th Associated Press report stated that he had tested positive for cocaine use after an October 15th bout with former W.B.C. Heavyweight Champion Oliver McCall in Germany and faced a possible two-year suspension. Juan Carlos won the bout via a unanimous decision.
“I am not afraid to be tested, as I have not used cocaine. The results from Germany must have been an error. I look forward to straightening out my immigration status here in the United States and traveling to Germany to look into this matter,” said Gomez from his Santa Monica, California home.
Added Gomez, “Most interesting to me is that no one has contacted me from the German boxing commission or Universum, my promotional company, regarding these allegations about cocaine use.”
Juan Carlos Gomez, nicknamed The Black Panther, has a solid record of 40-1 (33 KOs) and is currently ranked as the number four heavyweight in the World by the World Boxing Council.
You could see more of Yeke Yeke at: http://www.yekeyeke.com/