I am looking for a job:

-Go-Go Dancing

-Modeling ,

-TV Show MC (commentator)

-Runway fashion show


-Designer -Alterations -Seamstress

(men and women and animals dress)

-I am looking for place to put on my fashion show .

-I received my diploma from UNLV in design

(Into the Cesar P. 2006 Summer)

-I am looking for a show or big fight night where I can sell my singing -boxing production or any of my productions

More Info: www.yekeyeke.com (video section)

-I am looking for a night club where I can sell my productions or I can do

my own fashion show or my dress-making or I can go performing or go-go dancing.

-I am looking for a Manager ,Promoter or Producer who could sell my productions (big possibility)

-Fashion Show production looking for volunteer models!

(every size and every age)!

Yeke-Yeke Singing-boxer 2007 Calendar Sell;25$

Available Braids hair!