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Night club, dance club vip night club passes free admission and show ticket, Free Limo, topless club and open bar any place in Las Vegas!

Air Force and military and Law Enforcment and more .......





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Clothing Line

Please have a look at the pet-clothing section and make your order!

Money will be passed on to Yeke Yeke, to enable her to stay and establish Singing-Boxing in the US.


Look for a sponsor to help me make my movie get

me to the next step!

Available advertising place in the movie!
Available advertising place in the web side!


You can find the interview at: http://www.letstalkboxing.com

I would like to give you some background about myself I was in the America’s Got Talent competition . I have a unique singing-boxing production. I sing and box at the same time.

For more information , please have a look at my homepage:www.yekeyeke.com (down load the first section , Singing-Boxing English and my CV in the homepage!

Why is this important to me, you might ask?
I would like to rouse the crowd and get the crowd excited and I would like to help everybody who loves boxing and fighting sports, And I have a dream that one day will come true (Martin Luther King Jr.
I love my home country
Hungary, my family and in the USA!

And I can’t live without boxing sports and, why did I come up with “Singing-Boxing”? I am trying to keep alive the boxing memory and American and European memory of my coach, Papp Laszlo who was 3 times Olympic Champion, 6 times European Champion , and WBC World Champion . He taught me to never lose and that we can’t ever be defeated. He is in the Boxing Hall of Fame Museum in Canastota. Of his protégés, I was the only woman to teach boxing and I boxed in his final movie, the story of his life.

Currently I am looking for a big show, film, fight night, or professional boxing night where I can sell my unique Singing-Boxing production. I am looking for a way to perform my unique Singing-Boxing production in the future in the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl. I have boxing licenses in 3 countries, boxing and referee: Hungary,
Boxer :
England , Boxer , Manager , trainer USA.

Why is it important to teach professional boxing and self-defense?
I would like to help every kind of government and everybody to use self-defense and stop crime! Thank you for your consideration, and I will anxiously await your answer.



canada team

I am looking for sponsors who want to show their logo at my events : professional fashion show, hall of fame, professional boxing events, hall of fame boxing movie, reality tv show or reporting professional fight nights. I am looking for a mega professional fighting night where I can sell my SINGING - BOXING productions at the right percentage and the right deal.


canada team

Professional mobile photographer available. I take beautiful pictures and using my iPad Air I can air-drop them to your cell phone or email address in just a minute!


canada team

Hall of fame boxing class with weight loss and fitness benefits!


canada team


canada team

My Baby Monkey and me we going out to take pictures!


canada team

Video of my baby monkey jacky kissing CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


canada team


canada team


canada team


canada team


canada team


canada team


canada team


canada team

Writer needed!!


canada team

I domination or gutility my poster pictures different size and prize and kind of check www.yekeyeke.com


canada team

Available make your order my pet clothing line?


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Available make your order my forever palms tree flowers different styles!


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I am looking for a showgirls who want to work with me and I make showgirls costumes different kinds available, make your order!


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canada team


canada team

My fighting clothing line available!


canada team


Looking for a sponsor to help me make my movie get me to the next step!

Available advertising place in the movie!
Available advertising place in the web side!

I am interested in finding somebody to write the story of my life and how I lost and had stolen from me 2 million dollars in England and how somebody killed my Great Aunty and my full Singing-Boxing and boxing story. Also the struggles I've encountered how I've been held back and to create a book and perhaps a movie from my story. If you can help me i would really appreciate it! This is a true story! This could make a very good screen play for a movie.
This is a good Hollywood Oscar story!

I am looking for a place to put together professional boxing night and looking for a sponsor or a grant !

Looking for free adoption capuchin monkey for myself and can be play in the movie!

I am looking for the movie can do it my singing-boxing story and any of my productions and my another talent too!

I Have A Dream That One Day Will Come True”

Martin Luther King Jr.

SingingBoxing Production

Please go to my download page to check this out.

,Click for video

A New Internet tv channel comming soon, with 40 million viewers from 40 different countres

Looking for the right fight night that the tv channel can come with me, tape and that will join me with the Singing-Boxing, Lastin Love, National Anthems productions and I'm also coaching the fight!

"Hall of fame coaches boxing memory, "

" We can't be defeated," productions"




Oliver McCall

Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis & Yeke

Don King

Eddie mustafa mohammed

Larry Holmes

Joel Juda

Joel Juda

Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier and Yeke

Ali and Frazier

Ali and Frazier

Laszlo Papp

fuzesi zoltan and jenobacsi and yeke



Olympic Champion F.Zoli and International coach Jeno Bacsi and Yeke

For more information, please check out the memoryable and usa boxing sections

Please watch NBC TV June 5th The America 's got Talent Competition in Hollywood will air. I was in this competition with my singing-boxing Production!

(1st place was if win 1 million dollar)

(65 million people watch this show)


"We can't be defeated"

"Invincible Hungarian"


Who sadly passed away on 16/10/03
1925 - 2003

3 times Olympic Gold Medalist Champion
6 times Professional European Champion
World Champion
"The Greatest boxer"
"Well Known World Champion"
"K.O. King"
"Coach and Master Coach"

I am able to entertain the Professional Boxing night or any sports
show , films any shows audience right before show with some 

Singing-BOX or any of my productions!!!


I am looking for Publishers, Sponsors, who see the 
merchandizability any of my shows.


Keresem azt a promotert, szponzort, producert Amerikába és világ-szerte aki lát perspektívát és tudja használni az ÉNEKES-BOX produkciomat: Profi boxhoz, küzdő sportokhoz, sportokhoz, showhoz, filmekhez, rendezvényekhez, (díj kiosztó gálákhoz), stb ...


usa team

USA team with Yeke

Cube Team

Cuba team with Yeke

canada team

Canada team with Yeke



You can order my new Broadway musical CD!

E-mail me:singingboxing@hotmail.com or

Facebook id :Yeke-Yeke


Hi Everybody

My name is Yeke, I'm a ...


Please don't ask for me to take topless or nude pictures. Because, i dont do it!!!

i only do sexy pictures what you see in my side!

From this site you can download and view some photos, music, and videos about me! The movies are in various formats.

I am looking for Publishers, Sponsors, Producer, Promoter!

Singing-Boxing is copyrighted

Curriculum Vitae

Singing Boxing Overview

My Singing-Boxing Production was performed

Letter of Introduction

HUNGARY license

Singing Boxing Flyer



New Direction Pattern Design

Animal Dress Design

Looking for volunteer models

Model Application Form

I am looking for a job

Dancing Resume

Press Printing t-shirts and Embroidery available check out Press Print t-shirt section and make your order!


Tanning Available can e-mail me ::singingboxing@hotmail.com Buy 3 and get 1 free! Make your appointment!

Sport and Health Massage Available !

Except:tips or donations

e-mail me: singingboxing@hotmail.com


facebook id:Yeke-Yeke

Hajfonást vállalunk!
Braids Hair! 

You can order Calendar

YEKE - Singing Boxer Production

1 - 99 piece $

100+ piece $

E-mail :singingboxing@hotmail.com

Or Facebook id:Yeke-Yeke

CD-ék és Kazetták nagy mennyiségben eladó!


Laszlo Papp


Jr Floyd Mayweather V

Mosley after the fight press room












If somebody bring to me customer for my boxing class. I give $5-10 each head. If the person or persons pay the whole month!

FEMALE BOXER/TRAINER: Special – Pay rate for a month of training and get a free class.
I was trained by a Hall of Fame boxing coach and a champion of self-defense boxing. I do fitness work out classes that will help you lose weight and feel better.
Hall of fame boxing coach champion self-defence boxing, fitness work out classes I can go to your place for personal training or you can come to the my gym to do weight loss work outs!

Check out the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT3rvXaHU6E

More Info:


or Facebook id:Yeke-Yeke


Childrean & Adult any age!