How are you?

I am sending you some information about me.

Please have a look at my new homepage:

HOME , photo-album :1-17 gallery go to ,down load ,video ,

music ,contact me, memory able ,clothing -line section ,

CV, Singing-Boxing Letters, Licenses, Diploma and much more…

I am able to entertain during Professional Boxing

Nights or any sports show, films any shows audience

Right before show with some Singing-Boxing

Or any of my productions!!!!

I am looking for Publisher, Sponsors a Manager, Promoter, Producer

Who will sell my productions( big possibility)!!!

I am looking for a show where I can sell my

Singing-Boxing production or any of my productions.

Please call me if you know anyone who can use my productions:

-Singing-Boxing (Boxing-Singing)

(down video and music section)

-Latin Love (down video and music section)

-National Anthems to :USA,UK, HUN(down video and music section)-Own Design: clothing line

Singing-boxing is Copyrighted!

I am waiting for your quick answer.

Sincerely: Yeke-Yeke

In loving Memory of my coach

Hall of Fame :La’szlo’ Papp

3 Time Olympic Champion

6 Time Professional Champion

WBC World Champion

“He Never Lose “