Curriculum Vitae

Place of Birth: Hungary, Budapest
Date of Birth: 1976.06.14
Family : Very mixed, Hungary, South-African, English, Yemen, Jamaican, U.S.A., Polish
Childhood Skills Boxing, Singing, Fashion- Designing, Dancing, Modelling
Education: Started Boxing Age:6 years old, Harlekin Art studio
1982-1992 Hungary Music School Philharmonic Private School
  Singing and Piano
1982-1992 Elementary School
1982-83 Sport Gun Shooting
1983 Budapest Champion Sport Gun Shooting (MEGYERI Ut)
1992-1994 School of Dress Making and Design Award
1993-1994 Boat private lesson driving (powerboat)
1994 Jet Ski private lesson (Driving)
1994 Gun licence

Horse-racing:Hungary : Loverseny Palya - Private Horse

2000 Honved Wrestling teaching boxing
  Re-Started boxing
1995 Own design Kick-Boxing and Thai boxing clothes
1995-1998 Preparation and Private School Piano and Singing Award
1994-1996 Nightclubs and Restaurant Singing & Dancing: Latin, Carnival, Samba and African Dancing
  Own Designs, "YEKE-YEKE" fashion show monthly.
1996 Preparation University Singing Musical and Operett Award
  Hungary Movie Art "KISVAROS": meaning Little Town
1996 Helicopter private leson
1996-1998 Own "YEKE-YEKE" model show and other fashion modelling
1997 Hungary Vigado Singing Operetta Gala
  Modelling & Fashion Show
  U.S.A. Embassy Hungary "Gundel Restaurant" Singing and dancing show
  Karate, Judo, Martial Arts, Ju-jitsu, Kempo, Aikido, Kick-Boxing,
Thai-Boxing Sport night own show.
  Judo Champ .traning :Hungary :Tisza
1997-1998 Private women`s boxing security group

Hungary Bp TV, Sziv TV , RTL ,Nap- Kelte, Tv1, tV2, Duna TV and every Hungarian TV ,Shaolin Kung-Fu show and my show Sziv TV and every Hungarian TV

1998 July International Singing Dancing Show Tour
1998 August Hungary, Szombathely: Own Fashion Show
1998 Vigado Hungary, Budapest Own CD Party Show
1998-2000 Professional Singer Established a music CD and Video Clip
1999 Law University Preparation School

Shaolin Kung-fu Camps Summer
Shaolin World Championships, Singing-Boxing and Sing and Latin Lover

2000-2002 Own Fashion Outlet
2000 New Year Own designer boxing clothes boxing on Fight Night as a Professional Boxer
2000 Hungary Computer School Award Higher Level
  Singing-Boxing: Hungary, Kecskemet and Latin Lover
  Own shops and own fashion factory
2001 Summer England: Liverpool Junior World Championship: Singing-Boxing
2001 Shaolin Kung-Fu European Championships
2001 Hungarian Referee Boxing Licence Award
Hungary Boxing Association
Sandor Csotonyi

Own design boxing clothes boxing


2002 March England: Kendal boxing Centre: SINGING-BOXING
2002 April Glasgow boxing Centre: SINGING-BOXING
2002 October London Professional Boxing Night:SINGING-BOXING
2002-2003 Academy Of English,Withington
Computer, English
Learn direct:
English and Computer
2004.Oct. USA ,Arizona,Yuma,boxing night:USA National Antem
2004. USA Boxing Year Book
2005. USA Boxing Year Book
2005. Las Vegas Nevada Professional Boxing office: Manager and Traner license
2005 Nevada film office web side
2005. 2-times Las Vegas Channel 35TV
2005. NY Sport Style Tv


Las Vegas traning place ,traner,boxing friends:
Top Rank Gym,
Jonny Toccko,s Gym
Las Vegas Gym,
Vegas Gym,
Barri,s Gym
Top Rank Gym:
Roger Maywather
Sir Floyed Maywather:
Traner:(Oskar D.H.)
Boxing Partners and friends:
Jnr Floyed Maywather
Laila Ali (M.A. dother)
Nazim Rakman Ect...
Singing Corepatitor: Zoltan Neurmark
Singing teacher

Edit Agoston
Edit Agoston sung at Royal Opera House, London

Hungary boxing coaches:
Laszlo Papp: 3 Times Olympic Gold Medallist Champion, Professional European Champion, World Champion.
Zoltan Fuzesy Sr. and Zoltan Fuzesy Jr: Silver Medallist Olympic Champion
Sandor Hranek Bronze Medallist Olympic Champion
Istvan Szikora European champion: He boxed Mike Tyson
Laszlo Orban Silver Medallist Champion
Sandor Orban European Champion
Mihaly Feher European Champion
Jeno Swarchnek National Coach
Tibor Badari Two Times European Champion
Gustav Junghaus 6 times Hungary Champion , European Champion.
English coaches and Training Places
  Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, London
Amateur and professional boxing camps:
  Brendon Ingle, Braian News, Billy Graham , Colly Hurts Gym, Krok Gym, Salah Gym
  Ronnie Green - 3 times Thai-Boxing World Champion, Moss Side: Phillip Martin Center, Wythenshawe, A.B.C, Old Trafford, A.B.C, Tex Woodward.
English Training Partners and Sparring Partners:
  Carl Thompson, Maurice Hardcorn, Johnny Nelson, Danny Williams, Bobby Vanzie, Robin Reid, Anthony Farnell, Richard Hatton , Michael Jennings, Michael Broody, Michael Gomez, Donovan Smile, Chris Bonnet, Junior Witter, Ensley Bingham.
Hungary Boxing partners  
  Zsolt Erdei, (BRONZ Medalist Olymp. Champion) Mihaly
Koltai, Pal Lakatos,Janos Nagy, Zoltan Balog,Zoltan Kalocsai,Gatto, Tamas Popovics,Viktoria Milo, Diana Szilagy, Viktoria Papp, Ilona Papp
Boxed/ Trained in every gym in Hungary:

KSI, VASAS, DOZSA, Honved, Fradi,
VAROS LIGET SC (NEPLIGET), Zsuglo Sport Egyesulet, Shaoling-Kung -Fu Cherch
(KISTARCSA),Imperial Professional boxing place

Currently Training at:


English boxing camps now:Shannon's Gym
English sparing partner:Dixon
Trainer : John Rooney