My Singing-Boxing Production was performed;
Hungary,England ,USA Amateur-Professional and world Champion Chips
I am looking for a festival ,publisher,boxing company ,trainer coordinator manager or agency company or somebody ,who could sell my singing-boxing sports performance production and the latin love and the National Anthems to the big fight nights or any show nights,films or festivals and we can get the right sheer!
If you can help me to bring to me the right dill please let me know!
I am a member and register about; my singing-boxing production International Boxing Hall of Fame & Museum!
I try to remember round the world boxing history!
My copy -right singing-boxing story was performed;Hungary ,Budapest ,Kecskemet ,Amateur-Professional boxing night,Kung-Fu World Champion Chip,
England ;Amateur,Professional Boxing ,Martial art fight night ;London World Champion Belt ,Manchester,Liverpool Jnr Champion Chip,Leeds Sheffield,Ireland Scotland ,Kendal,
USA;Amateur,Professional Boxing night LV,Martial Fight night ,LA Universal Studio Hollywood America's Got Talent ,Arizona Yuma,
My Singing-Boxing production canceled hold me back;Mike Tyson & Lennox Lewis fight ,Lennox Lewis &Klicsko ,Mike Tyson & Danny Williams ,Jnr Floyed Maywather Fight ect...
I try to go to perform 2000 and 2004 Olympic game that told me to late put back my singing-boxing production paper work!